Hand Aid - An i-limb Hand for Becky
The story behind the fund-raising

Becky Palmer

Becky Palmer has been principal trombone of Hunstanton Concert Band since she joined us in 2007.

Becky has never let the fact that she was born without a right hand stop her doing what she wanted. Using the basic National Health supplied hands, which have one simple gripping action, she plays trombone, piano, guitar and trumpet and is a keen and competitive tennis and squash player.

She was principal trombone of the National Schools Symphony Orchestra for two years and, whilst at the University of Reading, conducted the University Concert Band.

In recent years she has captained the winning Ladies City League Division 3 tennis team, won the Glebe House tennis tournament and was in the winning team of the Castle Acre Mixed League.

Becky is a Primary School Teacher specialising in music and also teaches music privately. She also works at Corders Budgens in Fakenham.

One of the hands she uses is operated by pulling a cord with the left hand and the other, which is electrically powered, frequently breaks down. Both are heavy, unwieldy and unsightly.

Becky Palmer The i-limb Hand, at a basic cost of £9,000 but rising to £30,000 with 'options'and user training, has individual movement of all four fingers and the thumb together with a rotating wrist, all electronically controlled by the muscles of the forearm. This would give Becky far more control of her trombone slide, allow her to play the piano far more naturally - and looks wonderfully natural and realistic.

Also, Becky says, it would allow her to use a knife and fork to eat - at present, when eating out, she has to select very carefully from the menu. Another plus would be that she would have more control when walking her dog!

On Wednesday, 11th March, 2009 a joint lecture given by The Royal Society of Edinburgh and The Royal Academy of Engineering examined in some depth Touch Bionics, the company that manufactures i-Limb, and the way its products can transform the lives of those have the chance to use them.

We are pleased to tell you that the Hand Aid campaign has been successful! £30,000 has been raised and Becky travels to Scotland on the 19th November, 2012 to be fitted out with her new i-Limb! Please check out the Funds page to find out just how it all worked out.

Thank you very much!

Becky Palmer